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How can I prevent pain while I walk?

Walking problem

Leaning back while walking is by far the most common problem and about nine out of ten people have it. Bring your center of gravity forward by tightening belly muscles while you are walking.

What is a good sex position for womens back pain?

"Spoon position"

Certain movements and positions associated with sex can be uncomfortable to the low back pain sufferer. "Spoon Position" is a sex position good for women's backs.

How can I prevent sport injury

Avoid Back Injury

Very often curing the pain in your back is merely a short term answer and not a solution. Sore backs are oftern caused by inflexibility in your legs because tight hamstrings and gluteus can put a lot of pressure on your lower back. For a long-term solution to back-pain, stretch a couple times daily- especially just after you excercise.

How can I lift safely?

Lifting safely

Use your thigh muscles to lift heavy objects instead of your back and arms. Keep your back straight; squat then raise the object with your arms as you standup. Never bend at the waist or lock your knees when doing heavy lifting.

What to do in a long drive?


If you're going for a long drive, make pauses every hour and stretch your back and legs.

How can I prevent back pain when I wash dishes?

Washing dishes

When you wash dishes first advice is to place a foot on the bottom shelf of the open cabinet below. This reinforces a good posture while doing this.

Can wallets cause a pain in my back?

Wallets can hurt?

If you carry a wallet in your back pocket you may be throwing off the balance of your spine while sitting, eventually that can cause a pain.
Try to avoid carring wallet in you pocket.

How can I do a bed corner when my back hurts?

Making bed I

If you used to bend forward while making the bed, try something else. Much better way to do a bed corner is kneeling.

How to prevent back injuries when I make a bed?

Making bed II

If the bed is in a tight space, so that one normally needs to move it during linen changes, consider getting some form of low profile 'caster' like device to put under the bed feet.

How can I unload a washer?

Unloading a washer

When you are unloading a front-loading washer or dryer, squatting is better than bending from the waist. Place one foot on lip of open cabinet under sink to effectively broaden your "base of support," and place the opposite hand on counter top for support to keep back straight.

How can I prevent back pain when I gardening?


While you're gardening, try to maintain a correct posture. Kneel, don't bend, and alternate your stance and movements as often as possible to keep the muscles and body balanced.

How can I prevent back pain while I´m sleeping?

Sleeping on a side

Try sleeping on your side with your legs drawn up toward your chest on a mattress with proper, firm support to alleviate pain. You may put a pillow under your head and between your knees.

What is the best way for going out of the car?

Going out

When you're going out of car, first turn your body on one side and after that pull your legs out.

How can I adjust my car seat?

Car seat

Try to prepare your car seat. It is important that you can rich all instruments in car easily and without stretching.

How can I sleep on my back?

Sleeping on your back

If you sleep on your back, put pillows under your knees and a small pillow under your lower back.

What is best sex position?

Sex position I

One way to assure that the back pain sufferer moves the least is for that partner to lie on the floor with their legs bent during intercourse. This position stabilizes the back and allows the back to bend slightly.

How can I prevent pain while I´m walking?


Try walking twice a day for 15 minutes. If bending over and getting a good stretch in your lower back helps, then stop several times and do that stretch to ease your lower back.

How can I improve my sex life?

Non - traditional positions

Depending on the type of pain and disability, the "traditional" positions for intercourse may be impossible to use, but there are many others that can accommodate most physical problems.

How can I avoid back pain when carrying things?

Two hands are better than one

When carrying heavy objects, use the "two bags rather than one" theory to distribute the weight evenly between both sides of your body.

How can I adjust my car seat?

Seat adjustments

You should be able to adjust at least:
Seat distance to accommodate different leg lengths.
Seat height to accommodate different leg lengths.
Backrest angle to sit in either an upright or more reclined position.

How can I decrease my back pain in car?

Seat accesories

What you should look for when you buy your next car?
One of the things are seat accesories.
You can choose a variety of car seat accessories that may improve seat comfort for you even the bead backrests to provide for some kind of back massage while you drive.

How can I sleep on my stomach?

Sleeping on a stomach

Don't sleep on your stomach unless you put a pillow under your hips.

How can I take nap in car?

Napping in car

If you want to nap in a car, be sure to use a small pillow to fill in the curve of your neck and align your spine. Don't let your head fall back or sideways against the seat.

How can I make bed without the pain?

Making bed III

Do not try to reach across the bed to do an opposite corner. Walk around to complete the far side.

How can I prevent law back pain in sitting position?

Back pain and sitting.

For everyone working mostly in the sitting position, back pain can be unsolvable problem. But it is important to try preventing even a small sign of pain. What you can do for yourself?
Take breaks from sitting position every 20 to 30 minutes. Sit in a chair that provides support to your low back, and if you don't have that kind of chair a small pillow (or "lumbar cushion") can be used to provide proper support to your lower back.

What is happening if I´m too heavy?


Be honest to yourself and take a good look in a mirror.
If you're overweight, the excess pounds will be putting unnecessary stress on your joints and muscles. By losing weight you could well find that you reduce your discomfort.

Can I do some exercises in car?


Use waiting on a traffic light for head and neck exercises. Move your head and shoulders (forward, backward, rotate) to decrease or avoid stiffness in muscles.

How do I lift without hurting myself?

Back pain and lifting.

You suffer from back pain but still have job, which includes lots of lifting?
Yours only solution is to learn some important "rules" of lifting.
Try to avoid twisting at the waist.
It is important to face what you are lifting or working with.
In addition, always remember when move objects, lift only what you can't pull and pull only what you can't push!

Where can I store loads?


Store loads at waist height if you need to move them regularly.

What is the proper way for walking with heavy object?

Walking with heavy object

While lifting a heavy object off the ground bend knees to 90 degrees not more, hold it close and rise without rotation of spine.
Once erect first take weight on posterior placed foot and then walk.
Decreases torsional and axial load on spine.

How can I prevent sport injury

Sport injury

Increased exercise schedule can be cause of back pain or injuries. Prevent this by warming-up before activities. To prevent back and neck sprains and strains use conditioning, stretching, and strengthening exercises in yours training program. Also, try to avoid high-risk movements like twisting, quick stops and starts, and blows.

What is best sex position for men with the back pain?

Men's position

A man with back pain can sit in a chair during sex while the woman straddles him, letting her create the motion.

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