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What can I do about heavy backpacks of my child?

Heavy backpacks

In order to minimize the stress on the back and shoulders, evenly distribute the contents with heavy items to the center of the pack. A padded waist strap is recommended to keep the weight of the pack near the body and to prevent it from swinging back and forth. Avoid large backpacks as there is a tendency to overload them.

What is the proper way of sitting for my child?


To prevent back pain, advise your child to sit with feet flat on the floor and hips level with the knees.

How can I help my child to have proper posture in sitting position?


If the child sits in a chair and his or her feet do not touch the floor, use a footstool or footrest to prevent feet from dangling and cutting off the circulation in the legs.

What can parents do for pain in their kid´s back?

Desk adjustment

This is what a parent can do to prevent minor spine injuries which can lead to a serious back pain. A poorly fixed desk or computer work station can be a cause of problems. Inspect them, it is a place where your kids will spend a great deal of the day.

What instructions about small things can I give to my child?

Supplies for day

To prevent back pain, advise your child to carry books and supplies needed only for each day.

How can I learn my child proper posture?

Lift chest

For good posture in a sitting position teach your child to lift their chest up and out. If they just "pull shoulders back" it may cause their head to protrude forward.

What is important to know when I´m buying new backpacks?

Buying a backpack

When you're buying a new backpack, select a backpack designed to distribute load and protect the spine with wide shoulder straps, which should be worn on both shoulders. It is good to know that backpack can weigh as much as one-third of a child's weight.

How can I learn my child on healthful lifestyle?

Healthful lifestyle

Healthful lifestyle training should begin in childhood to promote improved health in adult life. The following good health practices should be promoted among children: regular physical activity, a low-fat and low-cholesterol diet after the age of two, smoking prevention, appropriate weight for height and regular pediatric medical checkups.

Which are the seriously symptoms of back pain of my child?

Seriously symptoms of back pain

Does your child complain about pain in the back?
What you should do know?
Warning signs of serious back problems in children younger than 11 include constant pain that lasts for several weeks or occurs spontaneously at night; pain that interferes with school, play or sports; and pain that occurs with stiffness and fever.
Go visit your child's medical practitioner if he/she has some described symptom.

How can I spend some time with my child?

Jingle bells

Sew bells onto elastic that will fit comfortably around your child's ankles. Then watch (and listen to) the fun while he moves about or jumps up and down. Make a pair for yourself then put some marching and dancing music on and jingle, jangle all around!

How can I adjust my child´s desk?

Desk adjustment II

This is what parent can do to prevent minor spine injuries which can lead to a serious back pain. Adjust kid's desks at elbow height. For persisting back problems you could use commercially available seat wedges or desk slopes.

How can I avoid back injuries of my child?

Sport injuries

Be sure that your children's athletic programs: use sufficient warmup and conditioning activities, use the proper protective equipment and have competent coaches.
It is most important to avoid any sport injuries which can later cause some back problems.

What causes back pain in children?

Kids and pain in their lower back

Before beginning is good to know that low back pain is mostly unusual in children before their teen years.
Nevertheless, if you child complains about back pain common causes may be sports injuries or falls.
If your injured child has not been unconscious, can move freely and has no numbness or weakness, use the standard procedures (see tips about back pain treatment for adults).
Major difference for you is to be more careful - avoid excessive heat or cold, and in the case of fever do not give children aspirin. If the pain is unrelated to an injury or other known cause, your health-care provider may want to check for an infection.

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