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Why is important to replace running shoes?


Prevent back pain with a balance of abdominal exercises and lower back exercises.
According to the American College of Sports Medicine
the focus on abs alone is not enough.

How can I make my back more flexible?

Regular exercises

Did you know that regular exercise could slow the aging processes in your muscles? But not only that, it makes your body (and back!) flexible and injury-free.
According to a study from the University of Buffalo endurance training in rats made their muscles more resistant to injury than muscles in sedentary rats.

How to strech?


The best time for stretching is when your muscles are warm and elongated.
The part of body that you want to strech move slowly and gradually into each position. Hold it for several seconds before relaxing again. Repeat each stretch six to eight times. Never stretch a muscle to the point of pain. It indicates that you are stretching too hard.

How do I begin exercise session?


If you want to start with some training program try to take this advice.
Start with 5-6 minutes per session if you are not used to working out.
Every few weeks, lengthen each session by a couple of minutes. Over the course of a few months, work up to half-hour sessions.

How can I walk for longer time?

Music and walking

If you want to walk for a longer time, pace music may help you.
Make or buy a tape you like with a slower pace at the beginning and end, and a 15-20 faster paced minutes in the middle.

Are the short workouts effective?

Short workouts

You want to be in shape but don't have enough time during day.
Recent studies have shown that three 10 minute sessions are as effective for maintaining basic fitness as one 30 minute workout.

How do I walk properly?

Healthy walking

Try walking twice a day for 15 minutes.
Watch your posture while you walking. Leaning back is by far the most common problem and about nine out of ten people have it. When you lean back, you shift yours center of gravity from in front of the main support (hips, legs and feet) to behind the main support. Start preventing the pain by bringing your center of gravity forward. You can do that by tightening belly muscles while you walking.

What is RICE?


In the first 24-48 hours, the best treatment for a musculoskeletal injury is RICE - rest, ice, compression, elevation.

How can I prevent sport injury


Don't ignore your body signs.
Pain is the body's way of letting us know that something is not right. Find out what it is, as soon as possible.
It is much better to identify a problem early, when it can easily be addressed.

Which are the high-risk movements?

High-risk movements

Try to avoid high-risk movements like twisting, quick stops and starts, and blows.
To prevent back and neck sprains and strains use conditioning, stretching, and strengthening exercises in yours training program.

Which sports can my back condition make worse?

'Bad' sports

Which sports could your back condition make worse?
It is important not to practice sports that twist or wrench your body, such as tennis or golf, or any other sport that has given you problems.

How can I be in shape for sport?


Don't decide to get back in shape in one weekend. Automatically you are putting your body in great risk of many sometimes just annoying problems but sometimes-significant injuries (not just in your back).
So, take advice and work your body out. Take slow steps through couple of weeks rather then one major in just one weekend, which can ruin your (maybe) not so good prepared body. And remember whether you're aiming to become a regular player or just want to dabble in a sport or two, it's important to try to be in shape for your sport and not just play your sport to get in shape.

How can I treat back injury?

Back injury

In the first 24-48 hours, the best treatment for a musculoskeletal injury of back is the 90/90 position. Lay down with your hips and knees bent at 90 degree angles. You can put an ice pack under lumbar spine for 10 minutes at a time to minimize inflammation.

What is DOMS?


Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is the muscle aches and pains you feel after a particularly hard workout. This may last several days, but easy training and walking after it, for a few days should turn your back to normal state.

Why is important to replace running shoes?

Running shoes

Old shoes could be a cause for back problem!
Research indicates that all running shoes lose about 30% of their shock absorbency after the first 500 miles of use, depends on type, brand or price. Protect your feet, knees and back by replacing older shoes.

What is important during walking exercises?


Walking is good sport for your back.
It is practical, easy on your joints and easy to fit into your everyday routine.
Try a walking program that had you walking up to 1 hour a day, 3 to 4 times a week and then strength training for 30 to 40 minutes twice a week.
To avoid back pain or injury it is important to wear good quality shoes.

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