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What are the benefits of massage treatment?

Basic benefits

Massage increases the flow of blood throughout the body which means more oxygen, and less poisonous toxins in our cells. It results with recovery of sprains and muscle strains, reduce of muscle soreness and better body flexibility.

What is shiatzu?


Shiatzu is a traditional Japanese finger pressure massage, using slow, deep pentration of key points along the acupuncutre meridians. The dispersing of excess or blocked energy can promote circulation to deficient or underactive areas, and restore balance. The emphasis is to see the motion of energy and to respond to it clearly and positively.

How can I find a massage therapist?

Questions for therapist

These are some questions you might want to ask a therapist: what certifications do you hold, how long have you been practicing massage, what type of massage will you be using, how long will the session last, what kind of oils, creams, products, etc. do you use, how can I make an appointment, what kind of payment do you accept? .

How can I learn back massage?

Back massage

First, you must find someone who will let you practice on her/him!
Probably that want be the problem. Then ask your partner to remove their shirt and lay on the floor in places you already prepared with couch or futon type cushion. Kneel beside them, and warm in hands little bit of vegetable oil. This will be a lubricant between your hands and their skin. Now, you can start a massage but don't forget to use weight and not to strain your own back.

How long massage session lasts?

How long it last?

The average full-body massage session lasts approximately one hour.
Partial massage session lasts a half-hour. It includes a massage for some parts of the body, such as neck and shoulders, back or legs and feet.
Always allow relaxation time before and after the session.
Hot tubs, steam baths and saunas can assist in the relaxation process.
However, if you don't have opportunity for that a nice, hot shower and bed will work just as it!

What is deep muscle massage?

Deep muscle massage

Deep Muscle Massage is similar to therapeutic massage, but focuses on locating and releasing of tension in the muscles lying deep beneath the skin surface.

What types of massage are the most common?

Common types of massage

Common types of massage are: sports massage, shiatsu, swedish massage, myofascial release, deep tissue massage, manual lymphatic drainage and foot reflexology.

What is reflexology?

Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology refers to reflex points on the feet. Each of the 72,000 nerve endings on each foot connects to a different body area. Massaging those nerve endings sends a signal via the nervous system to a corresponding body area. We are activating energy points along the meridians. It can assist the body by relaxing it and stimulating the blocked nerve endings, thereby stimulating sluggish glands and organs to regain their normal functioning.

What areas is better to avoid during massage?

What spots should be avoided

Never do percussive (pounding) techniques on kidneys. Also, avoid diging deep into the arm pits. These areas could be accidentally injured with too much pressure.

What is lymphatic massage?

Lymphatic massage

Lymphatic Massage focuses primarily on stimulating the lymphatic system to aid in the releasing of toxins and waste products. It uses deep, penetrating, swift yet thorough stroking to enhance the functioning of the lymphatics.

What is a massage?

Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic Massage incorporates a combination of gentle, firm, and/or deep stroking patterns on the superficial and deep muscle tissues.

What is acupuncture?


The application of slow, deep, pressure with the thumbs or elbows on specific points on the body to alleviate pressure, tension, or pain in any given area. Restores energy balance.

What is Swedish massage?

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage works primarily with the superficial muscles and employs vigorous, bracing movements. The four basic techinques that are used are : Effleurage- long soothing stokes; Petrissage - the fingers or thumbs create friction while traveling a given area; Friction- uses kneading or brisk rubbing; Tapotement - uses hacking, cupping, tapping. These techniques may be used in a light, medium or heavy.

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