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What can I use for decreasing back pain while I drive?

Car Cushion

Quilted one-piece back and seat cushion provides sitting comfort while driving and fits all types of vehicles. Elastic straps and hooks hold cushion securely in place.

How is working curved-out pillow?

Curved-out pillow

Advertisements for the curved-out pillow that nestles between legs while person lays on their side-really works.

What is back support?

Back supports

If you spend most of the time sitting in you car or chair, back support is ideal way for preventing back pain. Your spine suffer in a seated position because its natural curve doesn't have support. So, you will probably "sink" into the chair and your "bad" posture soon be the reason of pain in the back.
Try some of many back support products on the market and choose the best for you back!

Which therapeutic pillow I could use for neck pain?

Therapeutic pillows

Use of medical pillows for decreasing neck pain, headaches and bad sleep is highly recommended. You can find many kinds of therapeutic pillows on the market, for example, air-core pillow, great sleep pillow, tri-core pillow etc. Choose cushion designed for neck and upper back support while sleeping on back or side. Finally, the best pillow is that pillow which gives you a good night's sleep.

What can I use for severe neck injury?

Neck collars

Soft cervical collar is recommended if it's a case of severe injury, but only for 1-5 days.

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