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How can I prevent back pain at work?

Measures for prevention

Except proper computer workstation arrangement there are other measures for preventing back injuries such as: good sitting posture, regular rest breaks and performing exercises regularly.

What is posture?

What is it?

"Sit up straight!" "Stand up straight" "Pull your shoulders back!"
We all heard it as kids, and those were basic of our good posture.
Definition for posture can be: posture is a habit that is developed by repeating movements and patterns over time and in the majority of instances.
Maintaining good or bad posture is not something that is thought of, but it can be improved with many different techniques.
Good posture allows the body to function at its best, but "bad" posture can cause stiff necks, shoulders hunched forward or pulled tightly back, restricted breathing, tightness in the legs, backaches, headaches, and other painful symptoms.

What if I hold best body position but still feel the pain?

Sustained posture

If you successfully maintain sustained posture but pain still exists, you probably want to know why is that happening.
Even the best position of the body could cause fatigue of the postural muscles.
If you sit all day, occasionally stand, walk or just adjust your seat or desk height ever so slightly to change the postural position of the body.

How can I prevent back pain at work?


For everyone who has sitting job best way to avoid back and neck pain is to hold proper posture while working. Always try to sit tall with a slight arc in your low back and your chin tucked in. Do not slouch nor round your shoulders and head forward

How to relax between typing?


Remove the hands from the keyboard when not actively typing, to allow your back, neck and arms to relax.

How can I position screen of my computer?

Screen positioning

Position screen at arm's length, slightly below eye level and directly in front of you.
Set document holder close to screen, at the same distance from your eyes.

What is the rason for injuries in lower back?

Discs injuries

People who do a great deal of sitting or lifting are in major risk for lower back injuries. The reason why it is because these activities weakens the annulus fibroses of the intervertebral disc.

How can I prevent law back pain in sitting position?

Break from sitting

You should never sit for greater than one hour at a time. After each hour you should stand for a minute and stretch your legs and spine.

Why does my neck hurt?

Computer and neck pain

Maybe you could be one of the many sufferers from back and neck pain, soon?
From clinical observation, the incidence of neck pain has risen with the increased use of computers at work, in schools and also in the home environment.

What is the proper posture?

Proper Posture

Position of the body is important because, good posture is a significant part of all activities to minimize harmful stress to the spine.
Try to maintain this position, especially if your back hurts for any reason.
Your chin should be slightly tucked, shoulders slightly back and level with the pelvis shifted forward allowing the hips to align with the ankles.

What if I have pain in neck after long work on computer?

Cause of neck pain

If you have neck or shoulder pain check position of your computer monitor. Probably it is placed too far away, and that is the reason why you move head forward. Forward head posture causes a decreased blood supply to the postural muscles, which results with pain in the neck, shoulders and arms.

What if I feel stiffnes after the prolonged sitting or standing?

Warning signs

Early warning signs of postural problems may include the inability to sit or stand for prolonged periods of time or stiffness when rising from a chair after sitting for a longer time.

What is ergonomics?

What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is dealing with interaction between man and machine. Today, in computer age, this branch of science mostly refers on interaction between man and computer.

What is the goal of ergonomics?


A goal of ergonomics is to correct work design or poor worker habit, major reasons for injuries. Try to correct each of these to some extent, and the risk of future injury will be greatly decreased.

What is the proper way of phone answering?

Answering the phone

Lean back in chair and support spine while you're answering the phone. Telephone headset is a good solution for neck and shoulder pain prevention.

can you give me advice on the best way to get in and out of a car.jacki

Safely Getting In And Out of a Car

For those with back pain, even simple tasks, such as getting into and out of car, can cause increased pain. The twisting motion, generally, used to get out of the car, can cause spasms of the low back muscles, which can put pressure on sensitive nerves.

In order to safely get into the car, while decreasing risk for increased back pain, try these simple steps.

1. Open your car door as wide as possible.

2. Turn around so that your back is toward the car, and sit down directly on the edge of the car seat, so that your feet are both on the ground.

3. Without twisting your low back, begin to pivot your entire body toward the front of the car. Keep your feet and knees directly in front of your body while doing this.

4. If getting into the driver's seat, lift your right leg into the car, near the edge of door. If getting into the

passenger seat, start with your left leg.
5. Continue to pivot your body, keeping your feet and knees directly in front of you,until you can lift your left leg into the car.

6. Move slowly, in small increments until you are properly seated in the car.

When getting out of the car, reverse this process.

The keys to getting into and out of a car with the least amount of pain include:

1. Move slowly - take your time

2. Keep your feet and knees directly in front of you - this keeps your hips aligned with the rest of your body.

3. Do not twist your torso at any time.

4. Use the built-in handles in most newer cars, to help guide and support your upper body during the pivoting process.

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