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What medications I could use for pain?


You could use anti-inflammatory agents such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen.
Take this painkillers as recommended on the packet and never more than the recommended dose.
Before you take it always read instructions to make sure the tablets are suitable for you.

What steps I can take for my pain?

First steps

Avoid activities that caused a pain, especially lifting, bending or twisting until the pain has gone for a few days.
Get moving as soon as possible, but try not to stay in one position, or do any one activity for more than 30 minutes.

How can I relax my aching back?

Relax with exercises

Relax with exercises How can I relax my aching back?
You work hard and it is possible that your back pain comes from a reaction on pressure. Yes, a lot of stress day after day can increase a risk for back pain.
First: learn to spot-and avoid-situations that make you tense.
Then, when you just can't avoid those situations, relax through music, yoga, deep breathing, stretching exercises, or meditation.

How can get releife of back pain due to spondylosis?


The best way to releive a back pain due to spondylosis (a degenerative condition of the disk).
1.local application of ice /heat.
2.then follow massage to paraspinal muscles.
3.maintain pelvis in neutral by strengthening the abdominals and gluteii, hip flexors and back extensors symmetrically.
4.keep towel rolled under lumbar lordosis to prevent morning stiffness!!!

What can I do when I feel sudden pain?

Sudden pain

Try lying face down on the floor, hands by your sides, immediately after the pain starts. This takes the pressure off your spine.

What can I do when the back pain appear?


Everytime you are feeling backpain, move your body downward and stretch out your legs.

What can I do when I am in pain?

Six steps

For back pain there are a few things one can do...
1. relax in a hot tub (15 min.) then stretch carefully afterwards.
2. be conscience of standing straight all day, tall with relaxed shoulders.
3. meditate: surprisingly if you meditate before you go to sleep, your body relaxes so that you get a good nights sleep.
4. do foot exercises: at home, walk alternately on toes, heels, inside of feet and outside of feet for a few minutes at first, then slowly increasing. This will help strengthen back muscles so that they won`t hurt as much.
5. lower bottom when lifting heavy items to reduce chance of worse back pain.
6. drink more water

How do I apply hot packs?

Hot pack

After spasms and acute pain subside, you can apply heat.
Hot pack you could apply with hot water bottle.
Don't forget to cover the bottle to prevent burn.
A hot bath or shower might also help.

What should I eat when I have back pain and what should I avoid?


Red meat can aggravate or cause chronic back pain. Instead eat oat meal porridge or a Swiss muesli. These foods are sources of silica, important for building strong bones, and B vitamins, which support muscle and nerve health.

What can I do to minimize back pain?


What can you do by yourself for treating and preventing back pain?
If you weigh more than you should, lose the extra pounds.
This will be a big investment in your future health.

How do I apply ice pack?

Ice pack

You can apply an ice pack to the painful area.
Do not apply ice directly to your skin, as it might cause a cold burn. Instead put a wet cloth between the ice and your skin.

Is it rest good for back pain?


Bed rest is bad for backs.
So, lie in bad just if it's necessary.
Try to take that position in which you back doesn't hurt. It really doesn't matter which position is that.
As soon as possible do some kinds of exercise even if your back is a bit sore.
You could start with walking.

Does music can help me?

Relax with the music

Music is good for relaxation and fast recovery.
Use a relaxation tape if you have one to help calm the mind and ease body tension.

Which vitamins could help me with my back pain?


Vitamins C (up to 2000-3000 milligrams per day) and E (up to 800 International Units per day), are useful for alleviating disk injuries. Vitamin B6 reduces (50-200 milligrams daily) neurological pain and may help with pain caused by pinched nerves.

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