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How to Donate to Spinal Research

When considering which spinal research association to donate you will find a number of excellent programs to choose from. Here are a list of the top three and a little about the story behind each one. Decide which one resonates with your cause the most.

Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation

When this man became a quadriplegic and lived the last decade as so, it sparked a global movement towards helping those who live with paralysis. Thanks to their research, neuroscientists agree today that the question of whether we can repair a damaged spinal cord is not a matter of if but rather of when.

National Spinal Cord Injury Association

This organization was founded in 1948 as a means to elevate the life quality of those who live with spinal cord injuries and disorders. They help to rehabilitate those who are recovering from a spinal cord injury, and to help other learn to cope with the frustrations of disability while also empowering them to enjoy life again.

The Spinal Research Foundation

This foundation exists to provide information of the symptoms, treatment, research and prevention of back and neck pain. They reach out to those currently suffering from pain and those who have already been nonsurgically treated for neck and back pain. They exist solely through the generosity of donors, so they are an excellent consideration for donating to back pain issues.

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