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5 Apps That Everyone with Back Pain Should Download

Back pain can really detract from your quality of life, especially if the pain is chronic. You may find yourself tossing and turning all night, unable to find a comfortable position to sleep, and not exercising in fear of worsening the problem.

Instead of going through back pain alone, rely on your loved ones, doctors, and even some smartphone apps to help pinpoint and treat the pain. Here are five great apps.

1. iREHAB Back Pain on iPhone

This app by was constructed by physical therapists to figure out exactly what causes you pain. You will then receive exercise suggestions to perform to feel better. This free app, which features voice overs, understands that your needs may change and adjusts to meet those needs.

2. Simplyhealth Back Care on Android or iPhone

Five By Five Digital produces this app, which gives you preventative measures to take to keep back pain at bay. You can also watch videos of how to do proper exercises to reduce pain, choosing moves that suit your needs.

3. Prevent Lower Back Pain on Android

This app by iGlimpse Ltd teaches you to build a stronger core and thus experience less pain. With graphics of each exercise that you can do to improve your back, you can fix your posture, improve mobility, build stability, and learn to reduce your pain.

4. Back Pain Manager Lite on Android

Julia Bechmann produces this app, which allows you to list what triggers your pain. You can keep records to show to your doctors during your next appointment.

5. Back Pain Relief on Android

No matter what causes your pain, this app by MoreApps presents plenty of information about how to treat pain, which methods won't reduce the ache, and exercises that you can implement today to feel better.

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