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What kinds of mattresses causes back pain?

Soft mattresses

By far the most common type of back pain is cause by straining your muscles, causing you to feel a dull ache within about 24 hours of the overexertion. Complete relief usually comes within a few days. Moreover, of course various things can aggravate the injury and prolong the healing process: Soft mattresses fostering poor posture and poor posture alone can actually be the cause of muscle strain.

What should mattress support?

Supporting mattresses

Be sure your mattress supports good spinal alignment. If your low back hurts, sleep with a small pillow or knee wedge under your knees.

Should I use comfortable chairs?

Comfortable chairs

Avoid chairs that are too comfortable, they may encourage you to remain sitting for a long time without movement.

Which bed should I choose for my back?

Choosing a bed

Professionals also advise patients to look for supportive rather than hard beds and not to assume that orthopaedic beds are automatically the best option.

How can I by a good desk chair?


Adjust the height of the chair so that feet are flat on the floor. While you doing that sit with back straight. Synchronized seat and back tilt maintain good posture.

When is a time to change waterbed mattress?

New waterbed mattress

If your old waterbed mattress is over 8 years old, consider buying a new mattress.

How can I sit in a chair with the backrest?

Chairs with backrest

When sitting in a chair with a backrest, make sure your buttock is all the way back in the seat.

What does kneeling chair do?

Kneeling chair

Distributes body weight between the seat and knee pad to minimize pressure points and improves circulation.

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