Safely Getting In And Out of a Car

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can you give me advice on the best way to get in and out of a car.jacki

Safely Getting In And Out of a Car

For those with back pain, even simple tasks, such as getting into and out of car, can cause increased pain. The twisting motion, generally, used to get out of the car, can cause spasms of the low back muscles, which can put pressure on sensitive nerves.

In order to safely get into the car, while decreasing risk for increased back pain, try these simple steps.

1. Open your car door as wide as possible.

2. Turn around so that your back is toward the car, and sit down directly on the edge of the car seat, so that your feet are both on the ground.

3. Without twisting your low back, begin to pivot your entire body toward the front of the car. Keep your feet and knees directly in front of your body while doing this.

4. If getting into the driver's seat, lift your right leg into the car, near the edge of door. If getting into the

passenger seat, start with your left leg.
5. Continue to pivot your body, keeping your feet and knees directly in front of you,until you can lift your left leg into the car.

6. Move slowly, in small increments until you are properly seated in the car.

When getting out of the car, reverse this process.

The keys to getting into and out of a car with the least amount of pain include:

1. Move slowly - take your time

2. Keep your feet and knees directly in front of you - this keeps your hips aligned with the rest of your body.

3. Do not twist your torso at any time.

4. Use the built-in handles in most newer cars, to help guide and support your upper body during the pivoting process.



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