Don't Underestimate These Causes of Chronic Back Pain

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Don't Underestimate These Causes of Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain can be an irritant for anybody. The throbbing, searing pain can keep you up at night, affect productivity at work, and reduce your desire to engage in healthy physical activity. While you should certainly visit your doctor if you believe that you have such pain to receive a diagnosis and treatment, you can also partake in some prevention methods yourself. Understanding what aggravates or causes your chronic back pain can help you keep it at bay. Here are some common causes.

Pregnancy – If you're a woman who has recently had a child or is currently pregnant, then this could lead to back pain. As your stomach expands and you have to carry the extra weight, it can irritate your back. Generally, once you have the baby, the pain should abate. If it doesn't, then you may want to visit your doctor.

Strain – You may have stretched your body too thin physically and injured yourself in the process. Sometimes even your chair or the way that you sit can cause strain. If you already have chronic back pain, watch the way and how long you sit lest you aggravate the condition even further.

Arthritis – This condition involves stiffened joints that don't function properly due to inflammation. As you can imagine, this causes plenty of pain. If you receive medication for your arthritis, then your chronic pain may disappear.

Sciatica – This condition targets your back, sides, legs, and buttocks. You may also experience a lack of sensation in these areas as well. Just like with arthritis, if you receive the proper treatment for this condition, then your chronic pain could disappear or at least seriously abate.

Herniated disc – For people with this condition, the discs in their back shift and the nerve roots become irritated. You should schedule an appointment with your doctor if you believe that you have a herniated disc. You may require surgery or less severe treatment options.



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