Severe Back Pain

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I get severe back pain, between my hips, with muscle spasms going up my back. I wake up several times throughout the night from pain and muscle spasms in my lower to mid back and sometimes my legs have fallen asleep, and the pain and spasms can be so bad that it hurts too much to even move my arms

Severe Back Pain

The most common cause of true sciatica is a "slipped disc". The discs (or inter-vertebral discs) are the cushions which separate the bones of the spine (vertebrae).
Treatment of ongoing back problems must be directed at the cause. This may mean losing weight (because being overweight can make back pain worse), getting your muscles in better shape, and improving your posture when you're sitting, standing and sleeping.
It is commonly known that back pain sufferers should be encouraged to sleep in the semi foetal position with a cushion between their knees.



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