Back Injuries Hurt! Here's How to Avoid Them.

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Back Injuries Hurt! Here's How to Avoid Them.

Back injuries often stem from dangerous activities like extreme sports and intense, physical jobs, but even mundane tasks like shoveling snow might lead to a back injury. The easiest way to avoid back injuries is to restrict dangerous activities like skiing, do as little snow shoveling as possible, and to take a sedate job in an office.

However, that solution might not offer the most exciting lifestyle.

It's not necessary to refrain from all activities that may cause back injuries; however, there are a few simple options to reduce the likelihood of getting injured.

Get in Shape and Exercise

Back injuries commonly occur when someone lifts a heavy object and crumbles under the weight of it. Introduce some core work and back-strengthening movements into your exercise routine. Don't apply for jobs that require heavy lifting until you're in shape to handle the workload.

Lift Intelligently

There's a ton of advice regarding proper lifting technique and injuries associated with lifting with poor posture, repetitive stress injuries, and lifting items that are too heavy. Use proper technique when you do lift to reduce the likelihood of a back injury.

Ask for Help

Ask a friend to lift an item if it's too heavy to avoid injuries. Try to place items on tables or waist-high surfaces to avoid having to bend over to pick it up. Divide heavy boxes into a few less-unwieldy containers.

Get Some Experience

Heading for the double black diamond slope on a ski vacation is probably the fastest way to a back injury if you're not an expert skier. Try the bunny slope first, especially if you're not familiar with the mountain.



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