Don't Let Back Pain Get You Down - Use These Simple Recovery Techniques

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Don't Let Back Pain Get You Down - Use These Simple Recovery Techniques

Back pain is an affliction most people will experience at least once. Work-related back injuries put more people on disability than any other type of accident. Americans spend an incredible $50 billion on treatment for back pain each year.

Doctors tend to advise that patients book a visit with a doctor if pain from a strained back doesn't get better after three days. Surgery isn't always the answer to a lower back injury, but some people will need to go under the knife.

Get Active

The pain of a back injury might keep you in bed or on pain medication, but the swiftest recovery often demands an exercise routine. Once your doctor says it's okay, start walking to help straighten and relieve your spine.

Get Out of Bed

Remaining in bed is the fastest way to allow muscles to atrophy and back pain to linger. Although surgery might require some bed rest, it's vital to swing those feet out of bed and stand up as soon as possible.

Consider Acupuncture

Sufferers of chronic lower back pain might see some benefit from a trip to an acupuncturist. Several studies suggest acupuncture helps people with chronic low back pain. Don't be afraid to try this ancient Chinese technique. The needles are only the width of a piece of human hair.

Stretch and Strengthen

Flexibility and strength help reduce back pain and reduce the likelihood of another injury or strain. Try starting with a few minutes of stretching and core exercises each day.

Relax with a Massage

Try a Swedish-style massage and you may reduce your need for daily pain medication. Researchers believe that some back pain sufferers may receive greater benefit from a massage than over-the-counter pain pills.



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