Here's What the Chiropractor Wants to Do with your Bones

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Here's What the Chiropractor Wants to Do with your Bones

Like a visit to any health practitioner, a first appointment with a chiropractor will require some conversation of medical history as well as a few basic diagnostic tests for blood pressure, reflex response, and breathing.

The appointment will get interesting when the chiropractor starts to examine your posture, the way your body moves, and the condition of your spine. There may be some X-rays required as well as some exercises that will show the chiropractor how your body moves under light stress.

The chiropractor will also perform a hands-on inspection of your spine so that he or she can identify weaknesses or areas of limited movement. At the end of this oral and physical examination, the chiropractor will come to one of two initial conclusions:

1. You may benefit from direct care from the chiropractor

2. Your problem requires a different medical specialist and the chiropractor will offer a referral

Different chiropractors subscribe to various schools of thought, so not every chiropractor will recommend the same treatment plan. However, treatment plans will aim to provide immediate help, continue relief with future visits, and maintain those chiropractic benefits for the long-term.

Your chiropractor may also make suggestions on diet, exercise, and activities that may be helpful for getting the most out of chiropractic treatment. A chiropractor might suggest the purchase of some ergonomic furniture or recommend that certain activities be avoided until the body has recovered from trauma.

Don't be nervous before your first chiropractic appointment. Remember that spine adjustments don't hurt and that your chiropractor's goal is to make you feel better, recover from injuries, and regain normal range of movement.



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